Chortle's Retort v2.0 - How did that happen?

Always had an update on the agenda, but at least a version of the game was out, and available to purchase and play.

Then, Apple decided to pull all games from it's mobile store, that were not 64 bit - giving devs 30 days to comply.

Chortle's Space Retort, mobile v1.2, the only version available for over two years, was gone....

Time to make the new version, was being measured mentally in years, and production hadn't even been thought about yet. How about updating the now Classic version to 64 bit - pay someone right? Well, that's easier paid for than done, or not.

POTUS Pinball games being the current production items, meant Chortle's Space Retort v.2.0, would happen later than sooner.

So this dev thought.

The details of how, matters not. What does matter, is Chortle's Retort v.2.0 is now in Beta!

This is not your poppas Relaxed Person Shooter, that was Chortle's Retort v.1.2 - which had a chilled, space flight sim heavy side to it.

Chortle's Retort v2.0, takes the familiar, and turns it up to Arcade. Do not relax, do pass go and destroy some aliens - Arcade Style.

Where v.1.2 was an iOS game - First release is designated for PC only. Mac may follow if Apple's pipeline works. Mobile may follow, no promises.


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