New Live Stream Video - Beta Gameplay 11/17/17

Showed the latest build for CHORTLE'S SPACE RETORT v2.0.

In addition to what's new below - frame rate is now 30+ fps at full quality on a not so new system!

May the live stream not choke, because it looks great now, and responds as planned!

Newest build:

- Enemy Ship placeholders are gone accept for the Tanker
- Buildings, yes, there are some now
- Power Stations - Shoot and Destroy
- DNA Labs. Destructible Cooler Units on top
- Fuel Cylinders - Boom boom, and boom boom boom
- Drilling Units - shoot'em up, yum yum
- Communication Towers - Shut'em up, shut'em down
- Item Pick-up is active, all item tags not updated yet though

Changed main game mode to Timed Mode - truest mode for Chortle's Space Retort  - you want to get in, do your damage, and get out before being shot down or arrested when you run out of time and haven't escaped yet.


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