New Live Stream 1/2/18

New live streams of current state of of Chortles Space Retort!

Also, a downloadable beta build is available for Windows!!!

This could be the only "free version"  version as the game is closer to completed than not. Grab a copy and play, distribute if you want. There is a bug, the player may respawn without a ship! Starting a new game is required to keep playing.

Also, the bosses are useless and other other elements are not balanced and or not in final form. It's still fun flying and shooting up.

Runs  well full screen, at full settings on any modern computer.

No start-up movies or screen, jumps directly into basic Menu to start, load game, etc.

NOTICE: Keybindings do not aligned with in-game Info ("I" Key). Here there are, please share these if you share the game:

  • WSAD: Up Dwn Lft Rght
  • Primary Fire: Left Mouse
  • Continued Fire: Hold Right Mouse Button
  • Target Lock: Hold Left Mouse Button, Hold longer then let go, to launch a Plasma Ball
  • Fireball: X
  • Toggle Weapons: Space Bar
  • Boost: Mouse Wheel
  • Stop: Shift L or R
  • Ascend Descend: Q and E for Up/Down while stopped
  • U-Turn: Q/ E for L/R
  • Barrel Roll: F
  • U-Turn: End
  • Change Camera: C
  • Rear View: Z
  • Brake: Page Down
  • Open Bay Door (when unlocked): /
  • Chortle Exits Ship: "K"

Anything missed here will be on the in game bindings list, accessible via "I".

"Secret Key" is not really set up well - it's "J" - Player must land on
the big flattened cone underneath the spider. Simply land the ship to
touch it to the cone object, which will allows "J" to unlock the big
door. Use "/" to actually open the door. Ignore the locked light, it
doesn't do anything yet.

Game can be ended by shooting through the shields inside the bay, and exit tunnel end, getting to open space - game will end.
Ignore the bosses, they don't take damage but won't die nor respond to fire in this build.
Otherwise, taking out all the enemies will get stuck at 2 due to rogue enemy tags on a non-enemy items that haven't been tracked down yet.

Downloaders beware  - this is more about playing a beta build, than the game proper. Please set expectations accordingly. That said, a player can lose 20 minutes playing and not realize it. The Phases are not happening, so it all runs together like a Sandbox experience with no structured progress. Kinda of like an EDF level often feels when you realize all you've been doing is shooting things up for half an hour.

Finally, regarding Exiting the Ship:

In the game, there is a "Space Tower" (high up centered on map) you can see it on the way into the
crater.  Up top of that, there is a flattened cone platform that can be
landed on (for testing). If the Player lands smoothly, and presses "K", Chortle will
emerge from the ship! If the player is lucky, Chortle will be able to
run around on the platform. There is no gravity, and there is no
function to bring Chortle back to the platform yet, so if he floats off
running, getting back to re-enter the ship ("K") may be impossible. Or,
the ship could be destroyed while exited! Player is left with either
Chortle running in space, or the level restarts without a ship. Either
way, new game is the answer.



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